Town of Pomfret


Upcoming Meetings 

  • Selectboard - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Town Offices
  • Planning Commission - 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Town Offices


Upcoming Events

  • Community Blood Drive - Friday, September 26, 2014 at the WUHS Gymnasium, 12:30-5:30pm.
  • Harvest Supper - Saturday, October 4, 2014 at the Pomfret Town Hall  INFORMATION & RESERVATIONS
  • General Election - Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at the Pomfret Town Offices.

Bulletin Board

Welcome to the new website: It's a work in progress. Please bear with us until things settle a bit!

Dog Licenses: All dogs and wolf-hybrids, 6 months of age or older, must be licensed with the Town Clerk each year on or before April 1st. A current rabies certificate is needed for each animal. Starting April 1, 2014 the Constable for the Town of Pomfret can issue tickets of $100.00 for each unlicensed dog. The rates for licenses after April 1st are $10 for neutered/spayed dogs, $16 for unaltered dogs.

Dump Coupons: Dump coupon prices increased on July 1st to $42.00 per 10-punch card. The price for the permit stickers is $20 for the first vehicle, and $14 for each additional vehicle per household. 2014-15 Permit stickers are now available for purchase at the Town Office during regular business hours (MWF 8:30-2:30).

Invasive Plants: If you have Japanese Knotweed on your land, be advised that mowing it will cause it to spread even further. Landowners may spray weed killer to remove it, but the Town can not spray and will not mow the plants.

Community Announcements:

  • 7/25/2014: The American Red Cross has an urgent need for blood donors. NOTICE
  • 8/27/2014: Results from the 2014 Primary Election by Party
  • 8/27/2014: Barber Hill Road will be closed to thru-traffic starting September 1, 2014 through November 30, 2014 for construction of a bridge between 392 and 659 Barber Hill Road.  Please contact Art Lewin at the Town Garage (457-2767) with any questions.